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    Going Organic

    I’ve spoken in length the reasons that I chose to only eat organically produced food. But how do I see it contributing to helping mother nature survive its nemesis the human race. But before you decide to read any further,…

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    Mobile Pizza Ovens

    Mobile Pizza Ovens When you’re ordering the catering for your event and you decide to go for a mobile pizza caterer, have you ever given thought to what wood they are burning in that oven? Ideally they will be using…

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    Mobile Caterers

    When you’re searching for mobile caterers to supply food for a birthday party or if you’re organising a charity event and want food for everyone at the end of a long walk. What considerations do you take into account? one…

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    Free Range

    Free Range We’re always on the lookout for suppliers of good quality meat for our handmade burgers and sausages, this meat also has to be either free range or organic (organic is an expensive tag and some farmers are as…

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    British TakeAway Campaign

    We’ve always been pretty hot on the ingredients we use when cooking and how we cook, somethings are unavoidable like using man made vegetable spread for vegans that contain ‘transfats’ You’ll only find olive oil in our larder for cooking…