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Real Grub Club was born after studying the effects modern farming, has on the body. Meat full of antibiotics and fed GMO grain. Vegetables sprayed with Insecticides, Herbicides and  Pesticides, or genetically altered to kill insects.
So the plan was to find food that has been produced in a way that prohibits the use of these very dangerous methods. Once we began looking, it was great to find farmers that also shared our feelings on chemicals being used when it wasn’t required. Hence organic farming.

But this doesn’t stop with food. Very few things that are manufactured have any consideration for the human race, only how much money it’ll make the company.

How many of you have car air fresheners hanging on the rear view mirror. Read the label, the chemicals in this would kill the fish in a river if discarded carelessly. Yet you’re expected to breath them into your lungs every time you get in the car!
Therefore our only choice was to reduce our chemical intake