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Kelly Bronze Turkey Crown

I have some Kelly Bronze Turkey Crown, about 3kg in weight, retail price is £64, on off for £50.

Kelly Bronze Turkey Crown

There are only 7 left so you’ll need to be quick if you want one, Collection only.

Business Lunch

We’ve just introduced our Business Lunch scheme, hopefully in time for the xmas rush.
On this website you can find here our page, that has all the information you’ll need to order one of our great healthy business lunches. In keeping with our ethos for good healthy food, free of chemicals from spraying and animal injections.

Ingredients for the sandwiches and baguettes are chosen for not being too abstract and to the majority of peoples tastes.

We’re also offering a hot menu for lunch, or late afternoon. We will setup a couple of tables to put our soup (chilli or curry) urns and serve to you.

So check out our business lunches page and see if we can feed you

Organic Tea

I’ve just bought what I thought was organic masala chai. It is described as ‘Chai Masala Tea,Organic Infusion’

But the packet doesn’t have any reference to it being organic, I asked the company about this and they replied “We do not sell as organic but organic infusion”

masala chai

Now if you saw this product advertised wouldn’t you think you’re buying something that was organic, not just 1/6 of it?

So I guess what I’m trying to get across, is to be very careful with what you’re buying as organic, it’s now big business and unscrupulous businesses will try and part you from your money by any means

not organic

You can just make out the organic symbol

Below is their organic symbol at the bottom of every page

is it really organic