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Burger Van

Looking for a Burger Van for your football or rugby tournament? maybe you have a yearly sports day and need a burger van to feed the masses. Burger Van, Street food call it what you want, we’re the people to call for all your dietary needs.
We don’t just sell any old burger, these are handmade from free range beef, made to our own recipe for you to dribble over, as you queue up for your second one. A 1/4lb burger topped with cheese, 2 slices of bacon, tomato and our own special sauce running out the sides. All encased within a Brioche Bunburger van

Our Burger Van is actually a converted retro caravan with everything we need to cook the most delicious food for you. If space is an issue, like narrow alleys and such, then we convert to our original style market stall, same great food, just a different kitchen!

So let’s go through a scenario, a fishing competition with 75 competitors and you need to give them refreshments, but there’s no fresh water or power, no problem. We have 100 gallons of drinking water and a generator with more than enough power to supply all our needs. We arrive and setup in the car park, collect the fisherman’s orders and if they’re not stretched for a mile up the bank, we’ll wrap them up and deliver them.

Burger Van needed at a rugby club. We’ll turn up a good hour before the kick off and get the kettle on for a brew. Then start feeding the hungry supporters and ravenous players.

Now obviously we can’t just sell meat, so in addition we also make a lovely mushroom burger/ sweet potato spicy burger and a bean burger. The beef burgers are gluten-free and we can also offer gluten-free rolls.

We look forward to hearing from you, especially from our home town of Southend, although we do cover all of Essex. Unfortunately we can only offer this service to tournaments with a minimum amount of 100 paying guests. Any less and we would need a setting up fee. Please call us to find out all you need to know.