Grilled Menu

Grilled Menu

Our Grilled menu has some typically British takeaway food, but we think a healthier version to the norm.

Handmade Beef Burgers; A choice of free range, organic beef, gluten free, or 100% British beef non organic. Additional toppings; bacon, cheese, tomato, onion, egg

Sausages; A choice of free range, organic, gluten free. Or non organic Gluten Free British Pork sausage . Additional toppings; cheese, onions, egg

Bacon; A choice of free range, organic nitrate free bacon, or award winning British bacon non organic. Additional toppings; onion, tomato,egg

Eggs; are always free range, organic. Fried, poached or scrambled

Side salad, local produce when in season

Halal options available for beef burgers (handmade) and Chicken when on the menu

The Grilled menu also makes allowances for the children, we provide a smaller portion menu for them, being handmade we can make the burgers and sausages any size we want, so for the little ones we have a half size burger and sausage, at the moment these sell for just £2.00 each, but please check up on the prices, as they may change.