Jacket Potato

Mobile Jacket Potato

Everyone loves to eat a well cooked Jacket Potato, especially when they have some great fillings. Even the humble jacket potato with a knob of butter is tasty, that crispy jacket dipped in melted butter.
But my favourite has to be Tuna & Spring onion, with Mayo, delicious. Jacket Potatoes go well with so many toppings, you can eat them with just about everything. A Chilli con carne or a curry. then there’s melted cheese and ham with a small spoonful of baked beans!
Jacket Potatoes are also a great idea if you have a few people with different diet requirements, vegetarian, vegan and gluten or dairy free. 

We cover all of Essex and can setup in most places, the retro caravan if there are no restrictions or the gazebo for tight squeezes. Although it is preferred to have power supplied, we do have a our own generator if necessary. Water we can also provide if not available 

jacket potato
Baked potato with Tuna and spring onion

If you’re organising an event or private party and want to include our mobile jacket potato, then why not give us a call. We’d be happy to give you a quote.