mobile pizza

Mobile Pizza

Mobile Pizza

Who doesn’t love a good Pizza covered in their favourite toppings. I remember when they first become popular and I was working in a frozen food shop, one of the toppings was sardine and was called a ‘Sardinia’ you never see that style of pizza around now though. Unless of course you are eating one of ours from the mobile pizza van.
We offer a great choice of toppings for you to pick from, including vegetarian, vegan options and gluten free. Using either our retro caravan or gazebo, the mobile pizza should fit almost anywhere.

In addition, we’ve come up with our¬†Mobile¬†Pizza Party, equally enjoyable by both children and adults!
Now to how this works, we turn up with either the retro caravan or the gazebo. Tables are set out for everyone to come and cover their pizzas with their favourite toppings. We place an uncooked pizza on the tables, along with the various toppings and you place them on your pizza, it could be anything from ham & pineapple to all vegetarian or spicy sausage. Great fun for the kids parties, obviously if you just prefer us to do it for you, that’s absolutely fine to.

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