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Going Organic

I’ve spoken in length the reasons that I chose to only eat organically produced food. But how do I see it contributing to helping mother nature survive its nemesis the human race.

But before you decide to read any further, please understand this is only my take on the subject, I am not qualified in anything other than Food and kitchen Hygiene and Plumbing & Heating. I do however study everything I take an interest in and consider many viewpoints before making an educated decision.

Going Organic helps not only your own health, but also the health of the animals involved and the health of the ground any vegetation was planted in. The same way bad farming had a knock on effect by killing everything it touched and in some cases, us!
I remember we once had a German shepherd dog, he was a big strong dog, after a walk along a country path, when we returned home he was very sick, constantly being sick and his poop was bright orange, we also had a friend with us on this walk and they had a Dulux Dog, big and bouncy. Unfortunately he had the same symptoms and died from them. The vet told us they had somehow ingested poison sprayed into the fields. Strong enough to kill a dog?

Now you can understand the devastation it would have caused to any wildlife in the area, not just insects but any birds that fed on them, snakes, hedgehogs and frogs literally everything that lives around an arable farm. Then we look at the flowering harvests, like oil seed rape and the fields of blue flowers (not sure what they are) sprayed to control insects, accidental victims are all the Bee variations.

I wonder what would be the result of letting the chickens run through the fields all day and not do any spraying, or encourage what remains of the bird population to come back and pick off the insects for you. We already know some farmers have chicken coops on wheels, that follow the cows and eat the fly eggs, thus keeping down nuisance flies in the summer. Wasps catch flies on the wing, yet what do we see in the shops, wasp nest sprays!

Do fields still lie fallow for a year to recover? I honestly cannot remember seeing a field just resting, they all seem to get ploughed again and fertilized every year. I’m not a farmer so don’t know the implications of not using all your growing areas. Do we still have mixed farming, cows out grazing a field and cereals growing in another.

Going Organic has a beneficial knock on effect and helps nature recover, it helps the insect population which helps the bird population. It helps the small mammals return to normal, it brings back a circle of life, sadly missing today.

What can you do to help; create a pond or wet area in the garden for wildlife to drink and frogs reproduce in. The Dragonfly also catches flies on the wing and it’s young could live in your pond.
Throw wildflower seeds in an unused corner of the garden. Make a hedgehog size hole at the bottom of your fence, or make a small burrow under it so they can travel the gardens. Grow seed producing plants for the birds, like the fantastic Scots Thistle.

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