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When you’re searching for mobile caterers to supply food for a birthday party or if you’re organising a charity event and want food for everyone at the end of a long walk. What considerations do you take into account? one may be, where does the food come from? or is it good for me, another could be the price, or perhaps do they sell organic.
If it’s a childrens party and you want some drinks supplied, the next concern will be how much sugar is in the drink and will they go hyper-active? parents are much more likely to pick a low sugar beverage or at least one without artificial ingredients like sucralose or Aspartame.
Waste is also another item that is in the news a lot, especially plastics and other non compostable materials.
So how can we help you with these questions?
Well firstly we only use free range and organic meat in our menu, this gives you peace of mind over eating meat with hormones or antibiotics in it. Our vegetables are either british (we have strict crop spraying laws) or organic.
The water we use for cooking and drinks is filtered down to 0.5 microns, this removes almost all plastics and chemicals, plus it improves the taste.
Waste, any good food we have left over from an event goes to feed the homeless in Southend by donating it to Harp  this year we’ve donated bags of bread rolls, a 3kg turkey breast, 30 organic beef burgers, 25 kg of potatoes and 25 kg of onions.
The cups are all compostable, as is the plates and clamshells we use. Unfortunately a lot of the food we buy in comes wrap in cling film, plastic or polystyrene, which we recycle but have no control over its future use.

So you can see as mobile caterers go, hopefully we’re leading the way for others to follow

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