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Mobile Pizza Ovens

Mobile Pizza Ovens

When you’re ordering the catering for your event and you decide to go for a mobile pizza caterer, have you ever given thought to what wood they are burning in that oven?

Ideally they will be using something like kiln dried silver birch from a reputable supplier, then you can be certain the wood being burned is clean. Why would you need to know this?

Well it’s not cheap buying in kiln dried logs for the mobile pizza ovens and a lot of people will be toying with the idea of using any wood they can get hold of and here lies the problem. All wood from recently cut trees has to season before it can be used, this means it has to sit for about a year drying out, before it’s good to use. Perhaps you know someone who has a log fire indoors and a huge pile of logs in the garden waiting to be used, or drying out for the following winter. Once you start using the logs in winter, you get through them at a fast rate on knots. So people get tempted to use something that could be free to take and is ready burn.

Pallets! if your friendly mobile pizza man turns up and starts throwing bits of broken up pallet in his oven, getting ready to put your delicious pizza in there for you to eat, stop right there. Do you realise a pallet is treated with chemicals to stop it spreading pathogens when being shipped around the world!

Around the world! the pallet you’re burning to eat a pizza has sat in just about every wet, muddy and dirt ridden floor. In all the docks and warehouses, they’ve had drums of chemicals leaking on them and rats making a home in them.

We use a double electric oven, it’s a tad slower, roughly 2 pizzas every 4 mins.

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