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Plastic Pollution part 2

Plastic Pollution part 2

Carrying on from my last post and the plastic littering the banks of the River Roach. Brings me to micro plastics. Every river, lake and ocean in the world has microplastics in it, even the deepest parts of the ocean are contaminated with plastic pollution. This plastic is the result of floating plastic breaking down under the sun’s uv light, but mainly from everyone washing their polyester clothing and tiny particles being pumped down the drain ,into a system not designed to filter out microscopic bits of plastic, these are then returned to the rivers and ultimately the ocean. Microplastics are so small they easily fit into the natural water cycle, falling in the rain drops and contaminating everything with plastic. Check out this link

Plastic Pollution comes out of your tap every time you open it, these microplastics attract chemicals or pathogens that microplastics can harbour, but these are the ones we can see under a microscope, there are probably also nano particles that are so small they can penetrate a cell and that means organs! This then transfers to everything you eat, from vegetables to fish to meat.

The problem now is people, people have some sort of mental blockage and that it’s just a scare mongering tactic. Whenever I try to discuss this with people they just shrug their shoulders and say they drank water all their life and never had any problems, maybe the microplastic are in their brains blocking mental pathways!

What can you do to minimise any future repercussions from ingesting plastic. The first thing is to have installed a ceramic water filter with filtering down to 0.5 micron, these will remove 98% of all particles 0.5 micron and above. (human hair ranges from 17 micron to 181 micron)
I think you can buy special filters for washing machines, check out this link
After this it’s really just a lottery, as I cannot think of any way to clean plastic polluted meat, veg or fish and it’s all polluted.

Please don’t underestimate the problems you’re facing and future generations will be facing with plastic pollution. Until we stop adding to the problem, it’ll never go away.


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