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Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution on the River Roach

On my travel to work everyday I noticed on the banks of the River Roach, just outside Purdeys Ind Est, piles of plastic bottles sitting at the high tide mark. I decided to wait until Saturday (no traffic) until I could try and remove them. So today is Saturday and I picked up a large black sack and stopped parked up outside the gym on the ind est, bag in hand I walked to the bridge and climbed over on to the river bank, here’s the first photo of what’s there.

Plastic Bottle Pollution
river bank pollution
View of plastic bottles from road

I soon realised just the one large black sack was nowhere enough!

Plastic Bottle Pollution collecting
One full bag!

Amongst this pile of plastic was, the usual bottle, polystyrene blocks, tennis balls, a babies bottle and tin cans.

So where do all these bottles come from? thrown from car windows?, certainly not wind-driven, that’s balloons and bags. Well part of the river starts it life running through Belfairs woods, along Prittle Brook into Priory Park, then another ind est and Purdeys ind est, it also has another tributary which runs through Cherry Orchard Park. So lots of places to pick up plastic pollution and dump it out to sea!

Anyway, I’m now walking back to my vehicle with the bag full of plastic pollution and I notice outside the Elite Gym, on the grass river bank which runs along side it, this!


All of this rubbish unless picked up will end up in the river and unless it is stopped, will continue to end up in the river.
At my work unit i have a large wheeled bin, it takes all my rubbish and any i find that has blown there. Why can’t all companies be made responsible for keeping their area clean. Has anyone walked past Iceland and Travis Perkins on the Greyhound estate lately, plastic rubbish blowing everywhere.

So many people complain about plastic pollution, but still throw it out the car window. McDonald’s and Kentucky bags discarded on the road side, there contents eaten. Poo bags hanging like a decoration in the tree branches. If pollution is to be stopped, it has to start at home, keep it in the car until you’re home!

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