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Weed Killer Spraying

Weed Killer Spraying

Everyone that reads my blogs will be well aware of my views about Weed Killer Spraying and how I live my life trying to avoid ingesting any herbicides and pesticides. So imagine my horror when the local council highways spray me with weed killer!

I’m walking along the pavement on Short Street, Southend on sea and i can see an electric buggy approaching, as he gets nearer I see he’s spraying the kerb and it’s going across the full width of the pavement, in a manner of seconds he sprayed me and continues at a pace down the road. No amount of calling or shouting makes any difference he’s wearing ear defenders. To say I’m an angry person is an understatement, I know full well what spray I can see is only 40% of what’s in the air and gone into my lungs.

Guess who’s responsible for the Health and Safety of local highways, the council, whom I’ve just ranted at and want some sort of reassurance this could never happen again, especially for people with pushchairs walking along the path. I’m also wondering if the Police can take on this, it cannot be legal to spray glyphosate  when there are people within breathing distance.

I’ll follow this up with any response i get from Southend council

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