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Free Range

Free Range

We’re always on the lookout for suppliers of good quality meat for our handmade burgers and sausages, this meat also has to be either free range or organic (organic is an expensive tag and some farmers are as good as organic, but without the label) For last minute events it’s not always possible to arrange a delivery in time, plus their stock could also be low, this means losing out what could be a good event with lots of hungry mouths to feed.
So having a local meat source that meets with our ethos, would be ideal. Guess what, I’ve just found a local butcher that sells everything we need, free range and organic meat. So now I’ll buy in some beef and pork mince and see how the burgers and sausages taste using a new supplier, playing around with the fat content and herbs, getting it just right, juicy and full of flavour, not overpowered by strong cheese, mayo or onion chutney.

It would be really great to know how you like your beef burger or pork sausage

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