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Hi, to everyone that goes out every Sunday come wind, rain or snow, freezing cold, windy and occasionally hot! Shouting encouragement to their son or daughter, while jumping up and down, rubbing their hands to keep warm.

This could be a rugby, football or just any tournament on the open playing fields of Great Britain. My 2 boys both played football and that took up about 16 years of weekends, including a taxi for those that couldn’t get there on their own. Then it was horse shows with my daughter, these were more often in the summer, so a lot nicer.

Which brings me to my reason for this page, FOOD. There was never anyone selling hot food at the tournaments and if there was, it was a tiny trailer with a small ice cream van style window and could only serve 1 person at a time, so the queue was 10 people deep!

So we have developed a great tournament menu, aimed at feeding everyone for a reasonable price.

Kids menu;
A kids size handmade burger with relish £2.00
A kids size handmade burger with cheese and relish £2.25
A kids size handmade burger with cheese, bacon, relish £2.50
A kids size handmade sausage & onions £2.00
A kids size bacon sandwich/roll £2.00

Adults as above add £1.00

This works out for a family of 4 (2 adults & 2 kids) your minimum spend will be £10.00

These prices are for tournament matches only, not just 2 teams, prices for normal matches would need a minimum fee upfront.

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