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Water Filters

Water Filters

Water is essential for life and a daily glass of clean water is good for your health. Unfortunately every drop of water on this planet is now contaminated with plastic, in the form of micro plastic. You can’t see this plastic unless under a microscope, but it’s there. From every river in the UK to the deepest parts of the oceans, it’s there!

We all know the water we drink is processed by our local water company, but here’s the problem, they can’t filter out microscopic plastic. This means the water coming out your tap has tiny bits of plastic ranging from 10µ to under 1µ and your ingesting this plastic. You may ask where all these plastic microns come from, well the main source is when you wash your clothes! Polyester has been used since 1951. What’s the long-term danger to eating plastic, nobody as yet knows. It’s a safe bet it’ll be some untreatable disease in later life. Either way, why wait and find out.

Filter it out

If you have a modern fridge that dispenses cold water, there will be a water filter incorporated within it, that’s a good start, but can you get the kettle under the tap? Before I set up my catering business, I was a qualified plumber for 35 years and have installed a fair number of water filters. Personally I never drink unfiltered water, I even carry a water bottle with built-in filter for when I’m thirsty and filtered water is not available.

The cold drinks we supply for the children, when we’re at an event is made up from organic squash and water that’s been filtered. So how can you help yourself from ingesting these tiny bits of plastic, simply install a water filter under the sink inside the cabinet and a separate filtered water tap on the worktop, or you can install a water filter for the whole house.

I install and supply water filters in the Southend area and supply nationwide, 90% of my customers can taste the difference. Water Filter installation starts from £50 plus the filter and tap with any pipework. A quick free survey will give you an exact costing.

Example setup: 4 stage reverse osmosis system for up to 225 litres a day, a sediment pre-filter, carbon filter, membrane post carbon filter can provide the purest water on tap, removing 98% of common contaminants. Supplied and installed for £420.004 stage water filter

If you don’t have a water filter, I strongly suggest you think about getting one, water filter jugs do not filter down to 1 micron and will not filter out plastic!

Water Filters installed in the Southend area, supplied nationally. Please check out our website or use the contact page for your free local survey

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